Uncle Ed's Specialty Meats


Sioux Falls, South Dakota

7,000 Square Feet

Design/Build General Contractor

Restaurants & Retail

Conventional Wood Building

About The Project

Uncle Ed’s Specialty Meats is one of a kind facility in design and construction, there are very few facilities like it in the Sioux Falls area. Design was calculated and thorough with integration of old and new meat prep equipment such as smokers, exterior smoke shack for outdoor meat smoking and cooking, commercial grade hoods, coolers, freezers, meat case gondolas, and other specialty equipment to operate a facility like Uncle Ed’s Specialty Meats. The design team and all subcontractors worked together to see this to a successful completion as Uncle Ed’s opened on Tuesday, September 26th.

The building was wood framed conventional build with exterior metal skin to make the facility blend and look like it has been at this location for years. Integrating this new building with the existing facility was a challenge as we were working with a very tight build area. The civil design was made even more challenging as the Beck and Hofer team along with Norman Engineering had to work with and around existing septic systems and leach fields. Beck and Hofer and the awesome design team worked to incorporate temporary septic storage tanks and eventually worked through the sanitary sewer design with the City of Sioux Falls to design and utilize the City of Sioux Falls sanitary sewer witch was put in place at Arrowhead Parkway frontage road in later summer 2023 as part of the Arrowhead Parkway reconstruction. A big thank-you to the City of Sioux Falls for working with us at Beck and Hofer and Uncle Ed’s Meats to make this a success.

Thank-you to Ed and Matt Munce for working with us at Beck and Hofer and entrusting us with a very special project.